8 Steps to Maintain Clean Clothes to Prevent Disease

Maintaining personal hygiene is an obligation that must be done by everyone. A clean body will certainly avoid various diseases. Well, one of the important efforts in maintaining personal hygiene is wearing clean clothes too. Even though it seems trivial, it turns judi online out that not everyone knows how to maintain good and correct clothing cleanliness. Check out the following tips so that your everyday clothes are always clean and free of germs.

How to keep clothes clean

Before that, do you know why we have to keep clothes clean? Clothes are one of the things that stick to our bodies most often.

Yes, because it sticks directly to the skin, it’s not surprising that sweat, dead skin cells, and oil can accumulate on clothes.

Damp clothing will become a breeding ground for germs. Plus, some types of bacteria and viruses can survive for several days on the fabric of your clothes.

1. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

After you finish your activities and get home, immediately bakarat online change your clothes with new ones and put the dirty clothes in a laundry bag or basket.

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Next, wash your hands thoroughly, even better if you take a shower right away.

Removing dirty clothes and putting them in a separate place is important so that dirt from outside the home doesn’t stick to other things in your home.

2. Pay attention to the washing instruction label on the clothes

When it comes to keeping clothes clean, not all types of your clothes can be handled in the same way.

Some types of clothing must be washed in a separate way. In order to know the difference, you can read the instructions listed on your clothing label.

Usually, these instructions are accompanied by symbols that refer to how to wash it, the temperature of the water used, how to dry it, and how to iron it.

3. Choose the laundry product that suits your needs

Another way that you should understand when keeping your clothes clean is to choose the right laundry products.

When washing clothes, there are many products slot nexus terpercaya that you should pay attention to, from detergent, bleach, fabric softener to stain remover.

Each product offers different benefits and functions. Make sure you choose a product that can be used for your type of clothing.

4. Use water with the right temperature

Using the right water temperature maximizes the way you keep your clothes clean.

So that bacteria and viruses that stick to clothes die quickly, you should use hot water when washing.

However, you need to be careful because hot water runs the risk of discoloring your clothes.

5. Clean the stains properly

Sometimes, there are stains on clothes that are quite difficult to remove situs judi slot. These stains usually appear as a result of spilled food, oil, or paint.

To be optimal in keeping clothes clean, knowing how to remove clothes stains is also very important.

First, soak the stained item in cold water. This will help the stain to be removed more easily.

After that, you can use soap or special detergent to clean stains. Apply product only to the stained area.